Information for New Students (Sep 2019)

ICU New Students Orientation (NSO) Website

Welcome to International Christian University (ICU)!


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Moodle Maintenance Date: Thursday, August 15, 2019

Due to this maintenance, all services on Moodle will be unavailable during the following date. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your cooperation.


Please be sure to check "ICU New Students Orientation (NSO) Website" regularly for updates containing important information.

<How to Login>

1. Click "click here".

2. Type your username (NSO Account) and password.

 Your username (NSO Account) is "x" plus your application number.

(i. e. if your application number is A9999, your username would be xa9999.
Please replace the alphabet with lowercase letters.)

3. Click "Log in"

※NSO Account is valid until August 31st. Once you have received your "ICU Net ID" on Matriculation Ceremony day, please login with your "ICU Net ID".

[Summer Recess]

We have the Administrative Summer Recess (July 24 to August 6) and days off in lieu of Open Campus days (July 20, August 10 & 17).
We kindly ask for your understanding that we may not be able to reply to you soon during these terms. Thank you!


「ICU New Students Orientation Website (2019Sep)」では重要な情報が随時アップデートされますので、定期的に内容を確認してください。


1. 「Click here」をクリック

2. 「Username(NSOアカウント)」と「Password」を入力してください。

Username(NSOアカウント)は、"x 受験番号"となります。


(受験番号がA9999の場合、「Username」は xa9999 となります。アルファベットは小文字にしてください。)

3. 「Log in」をクリック

※NSOアカウントは8月31日まで有効です。それ以降は、入学式で配布されるICU Net IDを使ってログインしてください。


夏期一斉休暇中 (7月24日~8月6日) とオープンキャンパスに伴う振替休日 (7月20日, 8月10日, 17日) は、返信に遅延が生じます。ご理解をお願いいたします。


Inquiry Form For Login to "ICU New Students Orientation Website"


*Name Hanako Kokusai(in English)

*E-mail (filled in your entrance procedure document)

*Application No. A1111

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  There are an increasing number of inquiries due to incorrect entry of "Password". Please try again while checking each letter. Select only if you still can not log in.

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Request Form to change Email


*Application No. A1111

*Name Hanako Kokusai(in English)

*E-mail (filled in your entrance procedure document)

*New E-mail

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