Have you ever sent a message via an instant messaging app to a person, and wondered, anxiously, why you had not heard back from him/her after hours of waiting? Have you imagined how the human life was like, before the emergence of the Internet, television and mobile phone? Have you been obsessed with a given social media platform, while at the same time overwhelmed by the sociality it enabled and thereby wanted to quit using it? Have you wondered how the increasing use of algorithms might shape the way society is constructed? These experiences and inquires – which we might often encounter – are all concerned with the social functions of media in shaping our social life. How, then, can we make sense of these quotidian experiences critically?

This course explores the important roles media play in our everyday life, and considers a wide range of issues, including (but are not limited to):
 How do we incorporate various forms of media into our daily lives?
 How do media influence our perceptions of ourselves, others, and society?
 What is so “new” about “new media”?
 What is so “social” about social media?
 Why do media matter?

This course provides an opportunity to reflect critically on your media use, and helps you investigate the relationships between media, individuals and society.