The lecturer was the national government officer; he worked as the executive member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication. So this course targets hot and practical administrative issues of Japanese government.   This course concerns with the theory and the practice of planning and participation in governing process. The governing process is in other words the policy process, and a variety of subjects; i.e., actors, process of planning, and participation to the process. Actors are not only governments, whether central government or local governments, but also private corporations and citizens.
    In this course, we will consider, first, the relationship between government and the governing process, second, the relationship between governing process and planning, third, governing process and participation.Through this course the students can get substantial knowledge about current Japanese governing processes. In this class we will scrutinize the multiple types of planning and participation. First, we look at the outline of the government process of Japan and we especially focus on the inter-governmental relationship between the central government and the local governments for policy making.   Second we focus on governing process and planning. We pick up following significant issues; local finance program, local government planning, municipal amalgamation plans, plans for public infrastructure and public facilities (longer operating lives, hybrid functionalities and such )   Third we focus on governing process and participation.

   We pick up two phases: corporation participation and citizen participation. From among the corporation participation, we pick up the current public-private partnerships (PPPs). And from among the citizen participation, we pick up the various types of direct participation (requesting for establishment of new bylaws, desposition of official positons, bylaw-based referendums and such). We also consider the current trend and arguments of the referendums of Japan. Finally we shall overview E-Government Policies in Japan. Overviewing trough those phases we shall discuss the relationship of advance of high technology and citizens' participation.
And we also discuss each country’s issues of class participants. Through class discussion we further consider the significant agenda for further planning and participation for governing process.