The purpose of this course is provide graduate students and senior students with the knowledge of how to design and conduct an academic research project.
Students will be introduced to various ways of selecting research topic, research questions, and construct their research design framework. This skillset is meant to contribute signifcantly to the successful completion of a rigourous academic paper or academic project for his/her master thesis.

Part in parcel of this purpose, this course will introduce a variety of research methodologies in order to empower students to start taking necessary methodology courses to learn methodological skills to prepare own master thesis project in advance. Such methods would be selected from quantitative studies, case study, elite interview, comparative methods, and field action research. A student will develop their own research topic and try to write a research proposal based on literature review. A part of the class will be conducted in workshop format so that they can discuss their own research topics. Though this course is mainly offered for students who aim to obtain master degree in public administration, international relations, and peace studies of the Public Policy and Social Research Program, other students who pursue different master degrees and advanced undergraduates who are interested in learning research design are also welcome.